Wire Threads Inserts

Wire Threads Inserts /Heli – Thread Gauges

Gauges to check Tapped Hole to receive Wire Thread Inserts / Helicoil thread Inserts

(Heli-coil is registered trademark of Enhart Technologies, USA.)

These gauges are used for checking oversize tapping, done for fitting wire thread inserts.
The threads before fitting wire thread inserts are checked with these gauges.
BS 4377-1991 for ISO Metric Threads.

Manufacturing Range:
We manufacture Wire Thread Inserts for ISO Metric, Unified, BSW/BSF/Whits, BSP/G Thread Profiles.
For more Technical Details on Wire Thread Insert Threads download, Technical Information sheet from link given below.
For Wire thread Insert component dimensions, download Component Dimensions sheet – under development.

Technical Information Sheet