Welcome to Union Technologies !

Union technologies is incorporated in year 2004, specializes in limit gauges, optical hardness and all kind of dimensional instruments in Singapore and global markets. Our philosophy is to ensure that customer get the correct solution for their measurement needs. Throughout the years, we have established a good relationship and provide a good solution to our customers. Therefore we would like to achieve our company slogan as Units of Trust for Union technologies. It is to let us keep in mind that to have a trust between our customers with us.


OPTICAL Measurement is part of the important method in field of Dimensional Metrology. This is the trend to move forward for achieving high quality.


A screw THREAD, is a ridge of uniform section in the form of a helix on the external or internal surface of a cylinder, or in the form of a conical spiral.


Union Technologies promotes an integrated Engineering SYSTEM from hardware to software operation according to customer needs.


Union Technologies summarize the range of Dimensional Metrology Instruments as per following, To fulfil your requirement, necessary intruments sourcing