MAHR MarComProfessional

Series : MAHR-MarComProfessional

Measured values can be directly transferred into either MS Excel (from version 97) or into file or key code
The measured values from each instrument can be sent to a different column, table or folder in Excel
Data Transmission is possible via USB and Serial COM Interface (RS232)
USB hub is also suitable as a measuring instruments interface
Up to 127 measuring instruments can be connected with USB data cable and 2 RS232 instrument
Clear portrayal of the chosen measuring instruments with the aid of icon
Several foot switches can be connected up via USB. Measuring instruments can be freely assigned
Freely definable and configurable measurement cycles
There are variety of way to transmit data, you can either press the “Data” button on measuring instrument or
on the data cable; via computer, timer, keyboard; or by activating foot switch connected to USB interface
Text file can be edited thus translated in diverse languages