1Automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Tester (SINOWON)

Series: SIN-ZHV


  • Vexus SIN-ZHV-1000V series are automatic micro hardness testing machine integrate with the technology of optic, mechanism and computer,
    it is focus on auto-measuring of Vickers hardness testing under the little precision testing force,
    it has the most accuracy indenter repeating system and sharp optical path to meet the testing application.
  • Vexus SIN-ZHV-1000V series equip with auto-platform, Vickers measuring software MV 1000 and PC system, MV 1000 can control the
    switch of objectives and indenters, the loading, dwell and unloading of indenter, and it can control the movement of auto-platform,
    the users can make the program to realize the Vickers measurement automatically.
  • Vexus SIN-ZHV-1000V high-technology eliminates the measuring error maximally, and it improves the measuring efficiency and accuracy obviously.



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