10Kg Digital Macro Vickers Hardness Tester (SINOWON)

Series: SIN-HV


  • SIN-HV-5M/5P/5A is a half automatic and intelligent Vickers hardness testing machine, it adopts the close-loop force sensor
    to replace the traditional quality weight, this innovative design makes the instrument more accurate.
  • SIN-HV-5M/5P/5A selection of testing force and dwell time is controlled and monitored on the front panel,
    it is automatic during the process of loading, dwell and unloading.
  • SIN-HV-5M/5P/5A adopts digital microscopes with adjustable LED illuminator, doesn’t need the operator to read the detail
    length of indentation, it only needs the operator to aim the D1, D2 diagonal of indentation and press the length key twice,
    then the built-in processor can compute the Vickers value and display the final testing result on LCD display automatically.
  • SIN-HV-5M/5P/5A doesn’t need the operator to read the diagonal of indentation and check the Vickers testing table again,
    it improves the speed and accuracy of Vickers hardness testing obviously.



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