Electronic Universal Hardness Tester (SINOWON)

Series : SIN-SHR-187.5


  • SIN-SHR-187.5 is a universal hardness testing instrument for the measurement of Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers scale.
  • SIN-SHR-187.5 equip 7-testing-foce and 5-indenter, it is universal to measure a lot of material.
  • SIN-SHR-187.5 dwell time from 1 to 60S can be setup by the “time key” on the panel,
    it is much convenient than the setup on the manual hardness tester.
  • SIN-SHR-187.5 force knob adopts the metal material to replace the plastic,
    it improves the instrument using-life greatly.
  • SIN-SHR-187.5 loading, dwell and unloading is driven by electronic motor automatically,
    doesn’t need the operator to handle it, it eliminates the human operating error maximum.


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