Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester (SINOWON)

Series : SIN-PHR

PHR series is a precisely portable hardness testing instrument for the measurement of metal and plastic material,
it is not only suitable to measure the small parts, but also measure large parts, it not only offset the problem
that bench top hardness tester can’t move to test the large and fixed parts, but also offset the problem
that the rebound hardness tester can’t make an accurate testing for small parts.


  • This Rockwell hardness tester is small, portable, accurate, light weight only 0.8kg and
    can be easily operated like micrometer.
  • Our Rockwell portable hardness tester works on practical hardness testing principle, having the same high
    testing precision as that of a bench type device. It has high testing accuracy complies with the
    ISO 6508 standard,

  • with an error of no more than 1.5HRC, tested by the National Institute of Metrology.
  • The Rockwell portable hardness tester can be adopted for testing fine, long, small and irregular parts, instead of the bench hardness tester.
  • Comprising the main unit and holder, the hardness tester can either be used on the table or easily carried to workshops.
  • It is fast, only 10 seconds to finish a test.
  • Rockwell hardness value can be conveniently read out.
  • The internal and external surface hardness of steel tubes can be tested by the Rockwell portable hardness tester.
    This testing device suits parts with small bearing surface, in particular.
  • It is designed with traceable standard hardness block and penetrator passing the inspection by standard Rockwell hardness tester.
  • The load cell used to calibrate load can be traced to national secondary standard.

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