Portable Brinell Hardness Tester (KING)

Series: KIN
Standard King Brinell Hardness Tester Micro Rubber Hardness Tester

The King Brinell hardness tester has a base with a 14” gap and 4” throat; head and gauge calibrated for a 0-3000 kg. load;
filled hydraulic reservoir; 10mm steel ball; flat, dome and vee shaped anvils; instruction and maintenance manuals.

Opional Adapters And Component Parts:

Other King Products:

Constructed from stainless steel, the rugged and optically reliable King Brinell microscope is themostversatile on the market today.
Featuring a 20X pre-focused lens, the microscope has a narrow nosepiece which easily fits into tight recesses,
resulting in less grinding on castings, billets and dies. For added stability when performing flat work,
a slip-on base adapter is included. A side opening in the microscope allows plenty of natural light for
viewing and a cordless movable pen light can be used in dim conditions. Calibrated on equipment traceable to NIST standards,
the King Brinell microscope meets ASTM E-10 specifications. It is ready to use and comes equipped with a handy storage case.

King Master® Brinell Test Block

Unique patented electro-etched surface layout grid ensures proper spacing between impressions. Five master Brinell impressions are clearly
identifiable. Manufactured from de-carb free tool steel. Meets ASTM E-10 specifications.
Aluminum test blocks available for lower hardness ranges.

KKing Reference® Brinell Test Block

Designed for use in calibrating all portable, bench and production Brinell Hardness Tester. Contains five master Brinell Hardness impressions.
Made from de-carb free tool steel. Meets ASTM E-10 specifications.
Aluminium test blocks available for lower hardness ranges.

Stage Micrometer

Used to check calibration of Brinell Microscope by placing the microscope on the stage micrometer and aligning the grid on the stage micrometer
with the grid on the microscope. If the grids don’t match perfectly, the microscope is out
of calibration and should be re-calibrated. Meets ASTM E-10 and is traceable to NIST standards.