Portable Barcol Hardness Tester (SINOWON)

Series: SIN-BD-1

Technical Parameter:

  • SIN-BD-1 Barcol impresser is mainly applied to test aluminium and aluminium alloys.
    It is suitable to test pure aluminium, aluminium alloys, thick pieces of aluminium sheets, thick pieces,
    bars and assembled aluminium alloys

  • parts (e.g. aluminium alloy doors, windows and ladders).
  • SIN-BD-1 Barcol Impresser is also used to test fibre reinforced plastics and hard plastics.
  • SIN-BD-1Barcol impresser complies with ASTM B648 test Method for Indentation Hardness of Aluminium Alloys by means of a Barcol impresser.
  • SIN-BD-1 Barcol impresser is used to test soft plastics, lead, tin and other soft metals.





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