Fully Automatic Micro Rubber Hardness Tester (TECLOCK)

Series: TEC-GS-680


  • Full-automated type: Measurement values are obtainable just by placing a rubber to be measured on Specimen table
    then pushing switches only.
  • Voice coil motor adopter in Loading system: Highest accuracy and repeatability of measurement than the conventional
    weight type are realized due to no effect by friction of Internal mechanism.
  • Plunger plug-in type: Simple replacement of Plunger (Probe).
  • Various measuring tools installable: Wide specimen table enables to install various types of measuring tools.
    Front panel operations: All of the settings, such as the number of measurements, Upper/ Lower limit
    determination or Median indication are operable on Front panel.
  • Variouss data analysable and storable by PC Various data analysis and accumulation are possible by connecting to PC.

Functional Features:

  • 4 measuring modes

    – IRHD. M method
    Measurable in accordance with IRHD â–ª M method
    – S1 and S2
    The 1st loading, 2nd loading and Time settable at measurement
    – S3 mode
    Measured value return when the value is changed to specified range within the set time
    (For shortening the measuring time)
    *According to each mode, Upper/ Lower limit are settable and the number of measurement (1,3 and 5), Median and Mean indications are selectable.

  • Software CD (GS-680PC Application) included
    Operable from PC by installing the software to PC.
    (Refer to the top picture)
    Convenient for Data storage and analysis.
  • Plunger replacement
    Easy replacement of Pluger due to Plug-in type.
  • Measured data is printable by connecting Optional dedicated printer to the main unit.
  • Measurable items.
  • Small rubber parts, O-rings, Packing or the similar, rubber sheets, etc.