Durometers (TECLOCK)

Series: TEC-GS

When the base of Durometer and workpiece are cohered each other, the indentor changes shape of work piece by
pressurized force caused by spring of Durometer and work piece makes force against this force. Force amount of
indentor is indicated as hardness when this pressurized force and repulsive force are equivalent.
The reason why there are various kinds of Durometer, it is for the purpose of measuring various hardness for soft
materials like sponge and hard materials like plastic by combining strong and weak spri

Compliance with JIS K 6253, ISO7619, ISO868 AND ASTM D 2240 standards for hardness test of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber.

This is Durometer to comply with JIS K 6253 (new JIS) standard established in 1993 for the purpose of conforming to
ISO (International Standard Organization). Durometers consist of 3 types namely, Type A for medium hardness,
Type D for high hardness and Type E for low hardness. Type A tends to indicates higher value by 1~2 points compared with former
Type A durometers. Type D is suitable for hard rubber having more than 90 hardness measured by type A durometer
and Type E is suitable for soft rubber of which hardness is 20 and below measured by Type A durometers.



Peak Pointer Type

Some of Rubbers, Elastomer’ elastic bod is not easily read the maximum value after firm contacting with a presser
foot of durometer, due to the stress relaxation. The pointer indicates the descendent value but the peak
pointer is holding the maximum measured value. The peak pointer type can easily read the maximum value efficiently.
In case the pointer cannot be read directly due to some obstacles although the measuring can be done,
the measured value can be confirmed from peak pointer after measuring. The upper/ lower limiters
equipped will be effectively used in tolerance judgment.

Compliance with JIS K 7215, ISO868 AND ASTM D 2240 standard Duroeters for hardness test of plastic

This standard is prescribed by plastic industry in Japan apart from testing method of hardness of rubber. This is
basically equal to Durometer of JIS K 6253, as only its round up method of spring load value etc. is different.
But we distinguish model name as another Durometer according to the view of conformity to standard.



Compliance with ASTM D 224 Standard Durometers for Hardness test of rubber characteristic.

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is historically old and various types of durometers are
prescribed. ISO applies durometer of type A and type D among this standard and they are prescribed in JIS standard.
TECLOCK provides all of this ASTM Durometer for the usage of hard material application to ultra-soft material
application in our line up. Please select according to usage in addition to type A and type D.



Teclock Oringinal Standard Durometer

This is available as TECLOCK original standard based on customers requirement, even though they are not prescribed
in JIS or ISO. Type E 2 durometer for soft rubber with around half of spring load value of Type E,
and Type FO to measure hardness of polystyrene sponge for the level of sponge for washing dishes are available.