Knoop Measuring Software (SINOWON)

Series: SIN-MV100


Sinowon SIN-MV-100 series of Vickers/ Knoop measuring software is used to update Vikers, MicroVickers and Knoop hardness
tester as digital vision hardness measuring system. The titak system. The total system includes
the optcal Vickers/ Knoop hardness tester, CCD, USB CMOS camea MV101, personal
computer, Vickers measuring software SIM-MV-100 and auto-plat form.

It supports auto/ manual Vickers/ Knoop softwarea measurement, hardness conversion, measurement data-report output,
measurement curve graphic, etc. The top version: MV600 can make the Vickers hardness tester as a
metallurgical microscope to mae the job of metallographic analysis.

Because it adopts the USB camera to image the indention, it doesn’t need the vision-graphic-card again,
so the version: SIN-MV100/200/300 can connect with notebook to work,
it makes the measurement quickly, friendly, accurately.


  • Hardware: P4: 2.4G, 80G Memory, USB interface and PCI slot, and RS232 port.
  • Monitor resolution: 1024*768 (best); Screen color quality: 32”.
  • Operation system: Window XP, Win7.

Technical Specifications of Auto-Platform WS-1010 Series:



  • SIN-MV100 series support USB CMOS camera MV101 and other analogue CCD cameras to realize the function of image measurement,
    and the camera can be installed on the tester eyepiece and C-mount to get the indention easily.
  • SIN-MV100 series support both the static and dynamic measuring function of indention image, it can output the curve graphic
    of hardness/ indention, hardness/ area, hardness/ depth, it makes the hardness measurement accurately and friendly.
  • SIN-MV100 series support auto and manual indention measurement, and the Vickers/ knop measurement result
    can be changed to value of Rockwell, Brinell and other scales.
  • SIN-MV100 series can set up the upper/ lower limitation to make the alarm of NG/Pass during the testing,
    it helps the operator to identify the qualification of samples automatically.
  • SIN-MV300 series are able to run the auto-turret, loading system, light brightness system of Vickers/ Knoop hardness
    tester, it makes the measurement quickly and simply.
  • SIN-MV400 series can control the auto-platform to make the measurement precisely, and the operator
    can make the program run the tester automatically.
  • SIN-MV500 series support the function of auto-focus, it makes the Vickers/ Knoop hardness tester intelligently,
    it eliminates human error maximally.
  • SIN-MV600 series is a perfect combination version not only supports the automatic Vickers/ Knoop hardness measurement,
    but also extends the Vickers/ Knoop hardness tester to be a metallurgical microscopic system.

The different functions of different version of Vickers measuring software SIN-MV-100:


Technical Specification of USB CMOS Camera SIN-MV101: