Torque Meter

Series: CED – CD-100M/10M


  • Everyday check of an electric driver can be performed.
  • Since various information is displayed on a display board, it is very intelligible.
  • The change of a measurement unit can be performed.
  • Memory data is 800 affairs.
  • Real-time output Every about 1 / 180 seconds
  • The taking-in software of data can download from a homepage.
  • Yes-no decision conditions etc. can save five channels.

.. A channel is only changed even if bolting conditions change. It is not necessary to reset up
a maximum value and a minimum value one by one like former.



Optional Accessories:

There is no decomposition of the joint depended for rewinding too much.

According to the model of driver, wearing of various bits is possible.

(1) If it equips with screw thread parts, it can measure, with the bit of use attached.
In breakage of a screw thread etc., screw thread parts are only exchanged.

(2) Since Bit Plug Mouth Can be Detached and Attached, according to Model of Driver, Bit is Exchangeable.