Preset Torque Wrench

Series: TOH-QSP


  • Preset with Ratcheting Head Style
  • No External Scale, Torque Value is Set Using Key & Tester
  • Ideal for Mass Production Applications
  • Torque Setting is Secured and not Easily Changed
    – Requires Torque Adjusting Key (sold separately)
  • Available in other versions/styles:
    – FH with transmitter for wireless confirmation
    – MH with metal handle
    – Additional colored grip options
    – LS with Limit Switch (wired) for torque confirmation to PLC or Counter



1. Adjusting tools for TOH-QSP and TOH-QSP3/QSP4 are different (see Optional Accessories). Adjusting tools are sold separately.

2. A torque wrench tester is necessary for torque setting. Specify required set torque when you order. (Ex. TOH-QSP100N4 X 80N.m).

3. TOH-QSP200N4 and TOH-QSP420N have knurled handles.

QSP Optional Accessories:


QSP3/ QSP Optional Accessories: