Digital Torque and Angle Wrench

Series: TOH-CTA2 series


  • For angle-controlled bolt tightening or as back up for angle tightening nut runners.
  • Dual display of angle and torque values.
  • 999 data memory storage for snug torque, 1st/ 2nd/3rd angles, final torque and tightening start time.
  • 20 hours of continuous operation with rechargeable nickel metal-hydride battery.
  • Variety of communication setup options including: USB output, baud rate setting, and handshake.
  • Quick and easy snug/angle set up through keypad with additional data management through application software (included)

CTA2, Single Spindle Mode and Production Mode:

  • Snug and angle setting functions
  • Buzzer/ Light alerts to snug torque and angle completion
  • Angle mode activates automatically, once snug torque is achieved
  • TOH-CTA2 features 2 modes : Single Spindle and Production Modes
  • Single Spindle Tightening Mode: For angle method tightening of a single bolt tightening with snug torque,
    tightening angle and tightening angle upper limit settings.
  • Production Tightening Mode: For angle method tightening of multi spindle, with tightening torque, snug torque,
    1st, 2nd and 3rd tightening angle, each upper limited angle, the numbers of spindles are registered.
  • ccuracy ±1%

By using the included software package, various settings can be done through the PC and transferred
to the wrench with the final tightening values being sent back to an Excel spreadsheet.



Common Specifications:


Optional Accessories: