Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

Series: TOH-RTD


  • Used for any tightening operation such as mass productionassembly and maintenance.
  • The rotary slip clutch reduces the possibility of over-torque. Once torque set is achieved,
    even if more force is applied, the tool ratchets and does not add additional torque.
  • Adjustable torque setting by twisting shaft with main and supplementary scales
  • Models are available in SI, Metric or English units of measure –one unit of measure on tool
  • Lock ring holds selected torque value in place
  • For Clockwise tightening only
  • Click alerts user that torque set has been achieved
  • Rotary slip mechanism prevents over torque by ratcheting after click
  • Accuracy +/-3% of indicated value
  • Mid-range models have removable colored resin grip
  • Large models includes hook to assist with turning shaft to set tool for higher values.
  • Accepts 1/4 hex bits (not included) See Accessories tab above
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration (NIST Traceable Cert offered for additional fee)
  • Please Note: As of 2014 American Model Names and Specifications have changed. Previous Model is available until stock depleted.




Click Model Name to purchase from We can only validate and control items purchased via seller Tohnichi America. *Note

1. For models RTD260CN, 500CN, a hook spanner is supplied as a standard accessory for setting torque.

2. For models RTD120CN, 260CN, a resin grip is standard. Other color grips available see accessories tab.

3. This series accepts standard 6.35 (1/4) hex bits, sold separately. Refer to bits page.

Availability Notice: 1) **Models no longer available; order new model. 2) *Available until stock depleted.