Wireless Data Logger Humidity Data

Series: HUA-S400W-EX


  • Wireless temperature humidity monitoring on PC.
  • Remote real-time centralized control.
  • Zigbee 2.4GHz wireless technology.
  • Wireless temperature & humidity data logger is a new generation of HUATO (SHENZHEN) COMPANY, it uses Zigbee
    (2.4G) network; Zigbee is a kind of short distance two-way wireless communication technology which
    enjoys low complexity, low consumption, low rate and low cost. It fits IEEE802.15.4 agreement, can achieve short
    distance point to point 0-100 meters and wireless temperature humidity monitoring.


For medicine, electronics, food, transportation, warehousing, research institutes, meteorological, textile,
commercial buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, specialized laboratories, museums, libraries,
meteorological departments in other areas.



Standard Accessories:

Technical Specifications for HE2400 Wireless Base Station (Transmission Relay):

  • Wireless transmission rate : 115200 BPS
  • Wireless temperature humidity data logger terminal units available: 32 units.
  • Frequency number supported: 15 Bands.
  • Display: Dual display. The first line shows the packets count received;
  • The second line shows the last five numbers of the serial No. of the last packets data logger.
  • PC interface: Zigbee +RJ45, can be connected directly to the internal LAN of enterprise.
  • IP address: Fixed IP.
  • Dimension: 126*120*30
  • It will connect several data packets into one packet when receive data packet from multiple wireless data
    loggers and send to the ToMonitor system.
  • Relay Configuration Rules: Each relay has one unique ID to assure ni conflict; Every adjoining relay
    work in different band.
  • Installation: Wall-mounted.