ToMonitor Environmental Monitoring System

Series: HUA-ToMonitor

  • ToMonitor monitoring system consists of three layers: user layer (office), controlling layer (server room)
    and equipment layer. The system is easy to manage internally, automatically control, collect accurate data,
    save resources and fully satisfy requirements for automatic network monitoring.
  • User Layer: After installing ToClient software, any internal computer which is connected to the network can
    check real time status or historical data reports. The reports could be displayed in different formats,
    by year, month, week or daily. Warning message from each monitoring point can also be queried.
  • Control Layer: High performance server, with ToMonitor monitoring software installed, will update data base
    with reported data in the real-time. Warning message will be sent to the administrator for those data
    loggers with measured data over limits. In the control layer, user can remotely manage every monitoring point
    and conduct all the setting up operations, which includes adding, deleting, modifying,
    setting up upper and low limit and locations.
  • Equipment Layer: Network logger and data transferring equipments (wireless base station/ relay/ gateway,
    route/exchanger, 232 to 485 protocol translator).


  • Comprehensive Connection: Supporting wireless data loggers, RJ45 port network logger, RS485 port Network
    Logger and GPRS port network logger netting together.
  • All-purpose Input: Supporting sensors for temperature, humidity, illuminance, ultraviolet ray,
    all atmosphere components (CO2, CO, SO2, VOC, and HCHO), pressure difference and dust particles.


  • Supporting data from up to 900 monitoring points.
  • Downloading with resume capability.
  • Over limit/ connection dropped/ out of power warnings by mobile message/ email/ sound and light.
  • Multiple-thread-coordinating work mode in the kernel of software, which guarantees stability and efficiency.
  • Supporting up to 256 users and three-level authorization.
  • Supporting up to 256 partition management.
  • Supporting 64 relays/ station to transfer data simultaneously.
  • Supporting 3D digital map, straightforward and convenient displaying.
  • Supporting Access/ SQL Server/ MySQL/ Oracle database.
  • Supporting Windows and Linux operation system.
  • Supporting netting with external system such as enterprise MIS system, Platform of State Medicine Supervision, etc.