Zeiss-ConturaA G2 Rds and Zei-ConturaA G2 Aktiv


  • All axes are equipped with 4-sided Carl Zeiss air bearings to provide more stability and very precise measurement.
  • Ceramic guideways are thermally stable-temperature fluctuations have practically no influence on the reliability of the results.
  • The C99 Controller offers Computer Aided Accuracy (CAA) for real-time dynamic correction of the CMM and sensor for very accurate results.
    CONTURA G2 AKTIV with the VAST XT comes equipped with the ZEISS Scanning Engine, ready for active scanning.
  • The optional, integrated change rack ensures high repeatability and reduces the need for recalibration.
  • The HTG (High Temperature Gradient) version provides the same accuracy for a wider range.
    It includes temperature sensors for the CMM and the workpiece.


CALYPSO software:
With visual metrology, CALYPSO is amazingly simple when creating and maintaining measuring plans.
Three essential advantages make it the best choice for your metrology needs:

  • Easy creation of measurement plans with object-oriented programming.
    Select the same features that are used in your design drawing.
  • Software and sensor flexibility while measuring: from single-point to scanning to optical measurements.
  • Application-specific output of measuring results. It’s easy to customize reports.

Whether for single-point or scanning; manual or CNC; on a CMM or off-line, touch or optical;
standard geometric forms or free-form surfaces – CALYPSO allows you to complete all of your measuring tasks with one software.

  • CALYPSO and scanning – CALYPSO determines the actual contour of a part for form inspections of standard
    geometric elements as well as digitizing design models. Scanning is the most reliable method, especially when
    workpieces have to be inspected for their fitting behavior. CALYPSO displays the type of form deviation so
    precisely that you can see possible deviations or use existing tolerances.
  • HOLOS – Measure and digitize free-form surfaces and standard geometric forms without a CAD workstation.
    HOLOS is the perfect for tool manufacturing and mold making, as well as for the forging, plastic, and automobile industries.